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Hello, we’re Cherry.
A content marketing agency powered by data, but steered by creativity.
We connect brands and their audiences through beautiful content.

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Powered by data. Steered by creativity

Our unique four-part process is called i4. It starts with data (and good conversation) and journeys through strategy and ideas, creative production, deployment and measurement.


What's your story, where is your audience, what are your goals?


Creating the brand, the platforms, the creative and content strategy.


Making it happen through beautiful content, strategically delivered.


Constant data analysis to feed straight back into the creative process.

The people we work with


Content marketing circa 1900

So how far back does content marketing go? Strategist and writer Jon Wilks explores some early examples.

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Twitter Autoplay Video for brands

Twitter introduced its autoplay video function in June. Here are three things brands should consider.

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"All companies are now by default content companies."

Cherry interview TV personality and keynote speaker, Jason Silva.

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How fanzines proved content is king

Remember fanzines? Here we explore how they proved the power of good content over aesthetics

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The Content Marketing i4 Process

Our i4 Process is a good place to start with any content marketing programme. We take you through it step-by-step

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Content marketing – it's a passion thing

Mark Ellis investigates how putting passion at the core of your story inspires others to follow you.

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